Wednesday, July 15, 2009

'Cause this is Thriller, Thriller Night

Springfield Punx has a Simpsonfied Michael Jackson Wallpaper available here.

The Los Angeles Palace Theatre which was featured in the original Thriller video has put up Thriller in their Marquee sign as a nice gesture to remember the groundbreaking video and its superstar. It will remain until mid-August.

Read about it

More Thriller fun here.

And when you're done, put a click on the jukebox (at the right) and groove to some tunes.


Just received my Buddy Carr Skateboards Limited Edition Hello T-shirt designed by Antonio Carusone.

A nice touch on the regular packaging:



Get yours and stay cool (from the summer heat) along with the matching skateboard here. (Courtesy of my pal Wangopee)

I guess I have a thing for red and black text on a white tee, as this is quite similar to another shirt I UGMONK

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The New Acropolis Museum is Mighty Impressive

Opening Ceremony

"The Museum, designed by the Swiss-born architect Bernard Tschumi in collaboration with Michalis Photiadis & Associate Architects in Athens, opened its doors to the public only a few days ago on June 20th. Located only 300 meters (980 feet) SouthEast of the Parthenon, with an exhibition space of 14,000 square meters and a cost of €130 million, the New Acropolis Museum houses some of the most famous works of classical antiquity. It aims at providing the visitors with a comprehensive picture of the human presence on the Acropolis, from the pre-historic times through late Antiquity, with the advantage of being built on the slope of the Acropolis itself. The three major materials used for its construction are glass for the facades and some of the floors, concrete for the core and the columns, as well as marble for the galleries." via Yatzer

My level of wanderlust is skyrocketing off the charts. Anyone want to go to Greece?

Enigma Battleship

"The Enigma Battleship Drinking Game—a classic Battleship game that makes you drink a shot of your favorite alcohol every time you take a hit." via Gizmodo

Must have this.

Linos Portable LP Player

Wow, I'm really impressed with this great looking record player designed by Charlie Pyott.

From Analog Apartment: "Ditching the traditional full platter configuration for modern sensibilities, this player takes into consideration the space demands and limited mobility of regular turntables. Simply load the record to the lower spindle element and lock it into place from above. Pushing down on the power icon then releases the tonearm and spins up the record. Hook up the player to your comp via micro USB for sound and powering or use the USB power adapter with standard stereo jack output."