Friday, April 24, 2009

The Brothers Bloom

Rian Johnson, who previously gave us the neo-Noir Brick, directs The Brothers Bloom, a witty Con-man film starring Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo as two brothers that have made a living out of conjuring grand schemes and heists to swindle cloistered millionaires, which in this case is played by the always lovely Rachel Weisz who turns in a fun and quirky performance as Penelope Stamp. Rounding out the group is Rinko Kikuchi as the cute and aptly named Bang Bang, the spontaneous bomb expert.

The release date for this film has been getting delayed and moved around for the past two years but I was lucky enough to catch a sold out viewing during the AFI Fest at the Arclight Theater a couple months ago and was left wondering why this movie kept getting jerked around by the studios. I felt that the movie was smart, funny, romantic, and charming. Well, fingers-crossed, The Brothers Bloom is finally getting a nationwide release date for May 29th and I definitely recommend buying a ticket for this.

Here are the opening 7 minutes of the film:

Bonus Fun Fact via IMDB: "Weisz learned how to play piano, violin, accordion, and break-dance, to juggle, do karate, play Ping-Pong, banjo, unicycle, and even skateboard for her role as Penelope." There is a great not-to-be-missed montage sequence in this film that shows off all of her amazing skills!

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