Monday, May 4, 2009

Be Kind Rewind.

I was playing remote control roulette the other day out of boredom and landed in the middle of writer/director Michel Gondry's entertaining and delightful 2008 film: "Be Kind Rewind," and decided to watch it again. The movie revolves around Mike, played by Mos Def, who helps runs Mr. Fletcher's (Danny Glover) video store which is in danger of being foreclosed. Jack Black plays Jerry, Mike's friend and nuisance whom after a freak accident becomes magnetized and inadvertently ends up erasing every VHS in the video store which sets up the movie's premise: Mike and Jerry must remake or "swede" the movies in the store to appease and stall the customers before Mr. Fletcher finds out, however they end up becoming the biggest stars in their neighborhood and soon everyone wants to be a part of the "sweding."

The "sweded" movies are the most fun part of the entire film as Michel Gondry employs clever camera tricks to make creative low-fi special effects, here's a sampling:
Rush Hour 2 Sweded Version

Ghostbusters Sweded Version

When the movie was originally released, they had a section on their official site which allowed fans to upload their own "sweded" movies. Here's my favorite so far:
300 Fan-Swede

Find more at the Internet (Sweded) Movie Database.

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chynaxdawl said...

that 300 version is the best