Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mos Def

Pitchfork reports that Mos Def is set to release his fourth album: "The Ecstatic" on June 9th. This is exciting news since Mos Def is one of my favorite Hip-Hop artistes mainly due to the classic masterpiece "Black on Both Sides" and the self-titled Black Star album with Talib Kweli which are among my favorite Hip-Hop albums of all time. Here's the first single: "Life in Marvelous Times.(MP3)" The music is not quite as jazzy/soulful or as organic as the sound found on the aforementioned albums but it's still quite potent lyrically and a welcome departure from the crap you find on the radio today.

And because I'm feeling nostalgic...

DL: Black on Both Sides

DL: Black Star

Although Mos Def's second official album failed to live up to the heights of Black On Both Sides and is uneven at times with its direction, it still possesses many worthwhile gems such as Sunshine (MP3), check out...

DL: The New Danger

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