Friday, March 20, 2009

My Business

DL: My Business

This song was born out of an E/G riff progression I had came up with while jamming around in my room about two years ago which was when I was feeling pretty low and cynical. The song has taken on many various forms since then and still needs a bassline and a more definitive arrangement but here is the basic idea and groove. This is the first proper recording I've done for this song using Apple's GarageBand. I'll continue to update it as I put finishing touches on the track.


jasmine said...

oh victor.

flyingbunny said...

Victor! I like!! how did get the drum sounds in there?

I'm such a fan... I'm ganna go DL your other song now =D

I wish I could get good really fast so we can jam together... I think that would be so much fun!